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The domain is valuable as it addresses a specific and important issue within Australian society - the forgotten Australians. This term refers to individuals who experienced institutional care as children and were often neglected or abused. By owning this domain, one has the opportunity to raise awareness, provide resources, and support for this marginalized group. Potential use cases for 1. A platform for sharing personal stories and experiences of forgotten Australians. 2. A resource hub for accessing support services, counseling, and advocacy for forgotten Australians. 3. A forum for connecting with others who have similar experiences and building a supportive community. 4. A fundraising website to support organizations that work with forgotten Australians and advocate for their rights. 5. A blog featuring news, articles, and research on the experiences and challenges faced by forgotten Australians. 6. A directory of legal resources and information for forgotten Australians seeking justice and compensation for their past abuse. 7. An online memorial to honor and remember the lives of forgotten Australians who have passed away. 8. A platform for organizing events, workshops, and conferences to raise awareness and educate the public about the history and impact of institutional care in Australia. 9. A space for policymakers, researchers, and advocates to collaborate and develop solutions to address the ongoing needs of forgotten Australians. 10. A marketplace for forgotten Australians to sell their artwork, crafts, or other products as a means of empowerment and economic support.
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